About Us


About RLD

Red Leg Dev, LLC is a proud Veteran-owned software development consultancy founded and operated by Matt Wagner. Registered in the great state of Florida, RLD can bring together talented technology professionals to tackle the toughest business problems.

At Red Leg Dev, we work hand-in-hand with our small business partners to produce innovative, tailored technology solutions without the huge investment of complex, bespoke software. We have a deep passion for coaching and training teams and leaders, leveraging a decade of development experience and over eight years of continued service as an Officer in the United States Army. We can leverage a broad network of partners to help solve any technical challenge we face.

Matt has experience as a speaker at several software development conferences and can provide webinars and on-site workshops on a wide variety of development practices. We value proven, lasting technology choices over chasing the bleeding edge of the adoption curve, because we know that investing in the long term is the best value for your organization.

Why "Red Leg Dev"?

Red Leg Dev is named in homage to Matt's many years of service with the U.S. Army's Field Artillery, commonly known as "Redlegs". The term dates back to the Civil War and the Field Artillery branches color and common uniform markings. Read more about the history here!

Our Clients

Matt has worked in many different industries with companies of all sizes, ranging from massive banks to regional credit unions, from automotive tech start-ups to payroll processors and construction contractors. He is passionate about learning your domain and helping translate your business problems into innovative, flexible technology solutions.